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CARADONNA : French pioneer of modern physical security.

logo 1965Founded in 1965 by mister Jean CARADONNA, the Société Française des Coffres-Forts CARADONNA® (SFC CARADONNA) illustrates the journey of a family business that has adapted itself to market changes, always developing with care and application, innovative solutions in terms of physical security.

CARADONNA® is today a Banking and Retail leader in physical security solutions in the French market and internationally, in the field of safes and protections for ATMs.

This primacy is confirmed for years by the originality and efficiency of especially adapted safes in resistance against pasty and gaseous explosives.

Two ISO9001:2008 certified plants, with modern production facilities organized around continuous improvement, always serve customers with high quality certified products, accompanied on implementation site by the associated services.

Production capacity, proven processes, a large stock of standard products, allow to positively respond to all requirements of installation time, implementation of complex projects or synchronized deployment.

The hyper-reactivity of R&D department and the creation of specific projects completed by custom prototypes, are from the beginning, the D.N.A. and the strength of this great family business !

CARADONNA® provides its experience and expertise in offering a complete range of service: needs analysis, definition of possible solutions, research & development, manufacturing, marketing, implementation, equipment, training, monitoring and after-sales service.

CARADONNA® is all time connected with its local partners, combining the same know-how and sharing the same values, proximity, customer listening and able to valorize the decades of know-how and experience in an exchange relationship.

Your projects, your ideas, your new business models are never unachievable !

The teams of professionals who are now the CARADONNA®'s force are daily driven by passion for their craft and the desire to satisfy their clients by the effectiveness of their contribution.

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Turnover in M€


14 000
Safes per year


1 750


Creation date




72 exporting countries
Europe & Asia

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Extensive experience has broadened the field of products known as "derogatory to the security law" such as ARMOURED DOOR ANTI-CAR ATTACK (ARIES) ; the ARMORED MOBILE CURTAIN (R.M.B) ; and solutions for the use of persons under disability (P.S.H.).

The 12 000 m2 covered of the biggest industrial site of the company are ideally implemented near the second commercial port of Portugal, near Porto : the port of Leixoes. The location of this CARADONNA® plant operates validly international shipping by containers. The company exports 100% of its production, live to Europe and Asia ; and by its partners located in more than 72 countries all over the world.

Activity remains the original one of CARADONNA® group; i.e. all production of sets related to physical security primarily for the banking sectors : safes, safes for ATMs, armored panels for secured technical enclosures for bank branches, anti-ram doors, armored doors , heavy doors ...

CARADONNA® combines environmental insurance of its quality requirements. And because the CARADONNA® manufacturing is ISO 9001, awaiting the certification ISO 14 000. In additional attesting of their security effectiveness, the company is also awarded by the French A2P certification : label issued by the CNPP, and other relevant adapted European labels.

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According to the French Banditry Repression Brigade (B.R.B.) "The More security is visible, the more it is specialized, the more it is efficient ! This is the first act of deterrence ! ".

In signaling a specialized solution or a safe from CARADONNA®, the deterrent effect is already the guarantor of security ...

A Safe or a physical security solution specifically tailored by CARADONNA®  is still a safety pledge !

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In order to receive the customer in an open branch, CARADONNA® has a range of innovative technological offers to effectively safeguard the constant flow of cash while maintaining a high level of safety and protecting against the risk of robbery.

Increase safety, but also contribute to the improvement of staff working conditions and against physical attacks and intrusion.

Therefore CARADONNA®, with its half century expertise, can validly meet the required quality imperative and ensure the reliability of the relevance of its safety recommendations.

Sensitive & High-Risk Sites

Police, defense, administration, Hospitals, High-Risk Sites... So many courses that require special attention to their security. With recognized expertise, CARADONNA® guarantees a high level of security and physical access control of sensitive sites in order to ensure that authorized people are kept in the right areas and to effectively fight against the indiscretion and any malevolence act.

The local shops, the bars-Tobacco-P.M.U., Retail & Hypermarket

Holding a trade involves amount of "cash" considerable and establishes optimal cash management processes to reduce difficulties spent on cash handling. CARADONNA® adapts and implements systems to secure deposits of funds and traceability of values, cash desks and special boxes for professional ; and preserving the continuity of operations for the Retail, Retailer (Franchisees, Independent chain stores or chains), Specialized Stores. Whilst it is needed to enhance security for customers and staff alike !

Cash In Transit (C.I.T.)

CARADONNA® is also an expert to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the cash cycle and help customers to optimise their money flows ; by designing intelligent devices facilitating the collection and customized secure transport.

CARADONNA® security solutions control and manage cash security with certified safes and vaults, safe deposit locking solutions reinforced concrete doors, bank teller desks, cash handling back-office equipment.

It is with the professionals in these disciplines that CARADONNA® organizes reciprocal skills to introduce systems to ensure the highest degree of safety of Trustees flow, the transfer of species and protection of employees.

Watchmakers, Jewelers, Goldsmiths...

CARADONNA® brings its expertise in security solutions to companies operating "risky" activities and especially those specializing in Clocks, Jewellery, stones and gold. The aim is to improve their existing protection systems or to develop a specific security policy to deal with assessed or perceived threats...

CARADONNA® is a leading supplier of high security safes and vault rooms for the jewelry and financial industries as well as luxury safes. We offer the widest selection of standard designed safes, and specialize in custom built safes. We offer a range of safes that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Fractionation and time period are often appropriate responses...

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